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    New weatherization training center at Pulaski Tech opens

    5:39 PM, Oct 29, 2010   |    comments
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    Weatherization trainer Adrian Correa is demonstrating what can happen if your home is not weatherized properly.  

    A service that weatherization trainer, Joe Hall says benefits both job seekers and consumers. "The whole purpose of an energy audit is to see where to best spend your money. That's one thing we look at in weatherization, is the savings to investment ratio. I'm going to spend this amount of money and when can I expect it to be returned to me in energy savings," says Hall.

    For many low-income families, energy audits and repairs are made free of charge. It's a program that homeowner, Victor Dulaney says gave him life back. He says, "I was broken down. They came out and replaced several windows in my home and painted the top of my mobile home with cool-seal. Last year I was paying $230 to $275 on my light bill. The highest light bill I have paid this year is $105."

    Dulaney says the program allowed him to make additional improvements to his 15-year old mobile home.

    Weatherization professionals say there are plenty of ways to save money without making a big investment. Hall says, "One of the main things that is real simple to fix is seal and insulate your duct work. That will save you in a heating climate and a cooling climate."

    Small changes that Dulaney says makes a big impact. He says, "I'm on 2 blood thinners, so I stay a little bit cooler than most people. I look forward to being a whole lot warmer this winter."

    To find out if you qualify for the Arkansas Weatherization Assistance program contact your utility company for more information.

    Pulaski Tech will start training students in weatherization after the first of the year.


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