Kelly Jo McCormick testifies in Gary Dunn Trial

    7:25 PM, Jan 25, 2011   |    comments
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    Gary Dunn

    CLARKSVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) -- The state called Kelly Jo McCormick to the stand today in the second capital murder trial of Gary Dunn for the 2005 murder of Nona Dirksmeyer.

    McCormick says she was jogging on a public trail in Russellville in July of 2002 when she was allegedly attacked with a tree branch by Gary Dunn.

    McCormick testified she saw Dunn sitting on a bench. Dunn came after McCormick with a tree branch, striking her in the head. She also said Dunn said, "I am going to kill you" repeatedly during the struggle.

    After several minutes, McCormick said escaped and ran for help. She was not sexually assaulted during the attack; she did tell the court she has continued to receive therapy due to the traumatic experience.

    McCormick's testimony was strongly resisted by the defense, claiming McCormick has a current aggreement with ABC's 20/20 to follow this trial and her therapy following the attack.

    The jury was instructed not to take McCormick's testimony as a indication of Dunn's character, only of motive.

    State Medical examiner, Dr. Charles Kokes testified that Dirksmeyer was first strangled, then stabbed repeatedly in the neck and shoulder. The final blow came from a floor lamp to the the back of her head.

    The prosecution rested its case this afternoon. The defense has already begun to make its case and closing arguments could come as soon as tomorrow afternoon.


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