Criminal history of Randy Gay

    12:41 AM, May 20, 2011   |    comments
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    Randy William Gay

    GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) -- Despite two murder convictions in 13 years, a Garland County man walked free. Out of jail, working as a security guard. That is until last week when police say he killed again.

    Who exactly is Randy Gay? What happened to his victims and how did he get out of prison?

    We put crime in focus, uncovering new details about the man now charged with his third murder.

    It's in the woods of Garland County, where we first learned about Randy William Gay. It's also here where authorities say they found the twice-convicted murderer's third victim believed to be Connie Snow.

    Since a crime took place on U.S. Forest Service Land it's almost impossible to get anyone to talk about the case, especially the federal government.

    But documents obtained by Today's THV say a lot, delving deeply into Gay's past, a criminal history dating back 33 years. All beginning in 1978 with the murder of James Kelly, Gay's father-in-law.

    Old newspaper articles reveal a witness told deputies Gay took "a shotgun from his car and shot Kelly in the chest." According to deputies, "a family dispute" led to shooting. Gay claimed Kelly threatened to kill him and argued self defense.

    Prosecutors worried he'd walk free if there was a jury trial so they worked a plea deal. Guilty, in exchange for a 10 year sentence, 5 suspended. He served 9 months and got out early on parole. Read Gay's activities his parole officer recorded here.

    But several violations like Battery, DWI and felon in possession of a firearm landed him back in jail. In all, he ended up serving less than two years for killing his father-in-law.

    Then in 1991, another murder, another conviction. The victim this time, his own father, Glen Gay. Again there was an argument.

    In Gay's confession it was during a camping trip to farm their marijuana crop near Lake Ouachita in Montgomery County.
    Gay claimed he believed his dad was going to get a pistol. So he grabbed a shotgun firing three times. A jury convicted him. 20 years. He served eight.

    Nearly 11 years later, Gay is once again a prime suspect. A night watchman at a logging company witnesses say he got into an argument with Connie Snow. They heard him ordering her out of his truck then saw Gay pull out a long gun, firing once at Snow. They say he put her body in the back of his pick-up and drove off. Four days later deputies believe they found her a mile from the crime scene.

    Randy Gay is now back behind bars. Now charged with his third murder. He has pleaded not guilty in this case and a judge set his bond at $1 million dollars.

    Much of this latest case is still a mystery. The Sheriff's Department says they don't yet have a positive I.D. proving the body found is Connie Snow although they do believe it is her. They also don't know the relationship between Snow and Gay.

    Gay has pleaded not guilty to the latest charge. A judge set his bond at $1 million.

    There is much more to Gay's criminal past including a terroristic threatening charge. His sentence in that case, 12 years suspended. You can see the documents in the links above. They are all public records. Today's THV did black out some of the names and addresses to protect possible victims.

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