Professor of law looks possible legal ramifications for Petrino

    8:14 PM, Apr 6, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ar (KTHV)--Professor at Bowen School of Law Terri Beiner says there is still a lot to be considered about the status of Petrino's bike accident with a U of A employee and student--if he infringed on any part of the University of Arkansas' handbook or his contract.

    Petrino admitted to an "inappropriate" relationship with someone in the previous months.

    Jessica Dorrell was hired just 2 weeks ago by the football department at the University.

    "If there is no personal interest here, if there was no personal relationship at the time she was hired then these policies aren't particularly implicated here. So it just depends. We don't really know enough at this point to know whether the conflict of interest policy is a problem here." says Beiner.

    The University of Arkansas' handbook--Section 3.6 regarding consensual relationships reads: "Consensual sexual relationships between faculty and their students or between supervisors and their employees in some instances MAY result in charges of sexual harassment."

    Professor Beiner says--legally--consensual relationships are not considered sexual harrassment.

    "Nonetheless it can be difficult when you have a supervisor and subordinate in a relationship to really know if it was consensual or if somebody feels pressured because of the power inbalance in the relationship." says Beiner.

    The next question if it IS consensual is: does it infringe on the school's conflict of interest policy. 

    If Dorrell and Petrino were in a relationship when she was hired there could be problems.
    Beiner says if there's an ongoing relationship when Dorrell was hired or one began after she was hired, there could be a conflict [of interest.]

    "And THEN you only need to report it to the University. It doesn't mean the University is going to say it's an improper hire. And if you think about it--Coach Petrino--his brother is working on his staff, and his son works on his staff? All those present potential conflicts of interest that the University thought were fine. So it really depends on if the university thinks they can do the job well or if it's for a potentially inappropriate reason...I think it's completely up to the university To decide whether or not if they think it's a potential breach of his contract. Or whether some other sort of discipline is warranted. I think they have a fair amount of leeway here in trying to decide what to do about the situation."


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