Developments in Little Rock river debris

    5:49 PM, May 18, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, AR (KTHV)-- As time ticks, one Little Rock marina's owners are facing severe federal punishment if they don't clean up their debris.

    The River Valley Marina in Little Rock was severely damaged by flood waters in 2011 and has yet to clean up all the debris which continues to gather along the river.

    According to the Army Corps of Engineers, they are in non-compliance with the terms of their permit which states, "You must maintain the activitiy authorized by this permit in good condition and in conformance with the terms and conditions of this permit."

    The marina suffered serious damage in a flood last year--and still has not picked up ALL of the pieces.

    Friday men zipped by on their fishing boats---dodging the large obstacles--including parts of house boats and docks.

    The letter comes after numerous complaints from citizens AND officials. Now--the owners of that marina must submit a plan by June 8th for what they'll do about the mess including how and when they will clean it up.

    If not, they will face a penalty of $27,500 dollars--in addition to cost of cleaning up.

    A representative from the Corp of Engineers says they have been patient--and are trying to be considerate --knowing this is a big expense for a small business. Some of the debris is boats -- and they are still investigating whether the boat owners will be responsible for that expense.

    The lawsuit the marina has filed can be found here.

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