Arkansas State Police to investigate Michael Dyer traffic stop

    9:32 PM, Jul 30, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The Arkansas State Police has started an internal investigation into the traffic stop involving ASU football player Michael Dyer.

    Col. JR Howard, Director of the ASP, has gotten a final report from the Office of Professional Standards and the Command Staff Review Board about an internal investigation of the March 10, 2012 traffic stop of Dyer by State Trooper Royce Denney.

    State Police said in a press release the traffic stop involved two vehicles. One driven by Dyer and the other by Ronnie Wright.

    ASP says both drivers were cited by Trooper Denney for speeding 96 mph in a 70 mph zone. The tickets are on file at the White County District Court.

    A copy of the traffic stop video captured Trooper Denney's patrol car camera has been released under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.

    In the video, there is an unidentified woman. Her face has been blurred and any personal information has been taken out. The video is shortened for time. The only video cut is silent periods between conversations.

    At the beginning of the video, Denney tells Dyer, "Let me give you a piece of advice here, if you've got some weed in here, it's better you give it up (because) if I gotta look through here, it's straight to jail. Plain and simple, straight up honesty with you." 

    Denney says that since he's seen the marijuana and he knows it's in the vehicle, he tells Dyer that this gives him the right to search his car. The trooper tells Dyer several times to tell him if there is anything else in the car before he searches it, and Dyer says there isn't anything else. 

    Denney has Dyer with him while he searches the vehicle. The trooper tells Dyer that he and the woman have been talking about how badly this can affect his career and asks him one more time if he's been straightforward with him, which Dyer says yes.

    The trooper does find a gun in one of Dyer's bags in the trunk of his car. Dyer says the gun is registered to him. When the trooper called about the gun you can hear him say it's a glock.

    Later in the video Denney talks to Dyer about how this isn't smart behavior. "You've got a career ahead of you, you're being a total dumb*** right now." He goes on to say, "You're being stupid, man. Do you realize that? I know you've been under a lot of stress and don't want to make yourself sick over it, but that's stupid. You've got a lot to throw away, you know. It'll ruin your career."

    He asks Dyer what would Coach Malzhan do to him if he didn't charge him "for the pistol and for the weed" but in the video Dyer's response is hard to make out.

    "You need to think man, what's the best way to make you think? You're a grown man and I'm not trying to treat you like a kid." Dyer responds, "I'm done with this, this is my second chance."

    The press release says right now this is a personnel matter associated with the investigation of Trooper Denney pending before Col. Howard. The press release says "the department is prohibited from acknowledging any further information about the internal investigation."

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