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    LRPD officer's lawyer speaks out in manslaughter case

    10:40 PM, Sep 10, 2012   |    comments
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    • Attorney Bill James, Jr. speaks about his client, Little Rock police officer Josh Hastings.
    • Josh Hastings
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - We are uncovering new details on Monday about what happened in a Little Rock manslaughter case, leaving a 15-year-old boy dead and a police officer charged with the crime and on paid leave from the force.

    First off, we heard from the victim's mother on Monday (http://on.kthv.com/Szh3YF). And while Sylvia Perkins wasn't ready to speak on camera, she says the manslaughter charge against Officer Josh Hastings is by no means enough but a step in the right direction.

    It started with reports of car break-ins at a Little Rock apartment complex on August 12th. And it ended with 15-year-Bobby Moore killed by a bullet that was fired by Little Rock Police Officer Josh Hastings.

    "There is no question that he felt he was going to be hit by the vehicle as it came by and he fired only to protect himself," Attorney Bill James said.

    Bill James is Hastings' attorney and he's sticking to his client's story that is detailed in an arrest affidavit that Today's THV obtained. Hastings says the suspects were coming directly at him in a car and trying to run him over. So in self-defense, he fired two rounds at the driver, Bobby Moore.

    "Under some theory, they've decided the car was backing up, I think that seems to be the big, the major rub in the story," James said.

    James isn't buying a police department review out Friday that the car stopped several feet before Hastings and was being put in reverse as shots rang out.

    Hastings claims the car continued on past him, hit a curb and crashed into rocks. But the Crime Scene Search Unit challenges that in the affidavit, saying the car had "no damage consistent" with that claim.

    James says that he hasn't had access to suspects' vehicle yet and says it's too early to draw any conclusions about its condition.

    There is also a mention in the affidavit about the victim being shot in a certain way in the head, suggesting the teen was turning to reverse the car. But James says there's no way anyone can say that for sure.

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