McDaniel asks Griffin to help reopen gov't, benefit Mayflower

    4:01 PM, Oct 8, 2013   |    comments
    Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel (Photo: Daniel Wilkerson, KTHV)
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     PDF Document: McDaniel Letter to Griffin  PDF Document: Griffin Letter to McDaniel

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel sent a letter to U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin on Tuesday, pleading with him to work with other legislators and reopen the government. The focus of the letter was on the shutdown's impact on the Mayflower oil spill investigation and lawsuit.

    In the letter, McDaniel says, "I appreciate all you have done to help the people in Mayflower. However, I am concerned about the impact of the federal government shutdown on those affected by the March 29 oil spill. I write to you today to request that you use your influence with Speaker Boehner and the leadership in Congress to reopen the government."

    He continues on, listing workers who have been furloughed as a result of the partial shutdown, and ends the letter with," I pledged to the citizens of our State that I would hold Exxon accountable for the spill. The current shutdown, if it remains unresolved, will significantly impede those efforts."

    Griffin then responded with a letter to McDaniel saying, "Thank you for your letter expressing your concerns about the impact of the federal government shutdown on those affected by the ExxonMobil Pegasus Pipeline oil spill that occurred in Mayflower on March 29, 2013. I totally agree and appreciate your kind words."

    Griffin continued on saying that he opposes the shutdown and is working to reopen the government as soon as possible, stating, "As you may know, President Barack Obama has so far refused to talk with us, and Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid has blocked the bills the House has passed to open critical parts of our government. I would encourage you to communicate the need for negotiations to them and urge them to talk with us, so that we can ensure important government services for all Arkansans."

    To read the entire letter from McDaniel to Griffin, click here: http://on.kthv.com/18Nsilf

    To read the entire letter from Griffin to McDaniel, click here: http://on.kthv.com/18NsmSd



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