Drug Enforcement In Arkansas, Across U.S.

    9:09 PM, Jun 10, 2009   |    comments
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    Wednesday parole officers in Lonoke County found four grams of methamphetamine, in the form of ice, small plastic bags, a glass pipe, and a scale.

    Lonoke County Sheriff's Office says the findings are evidence of an intent to sell, and uncovering it is all in a days work.

    "Meth is probably the worse drug that has ever been. It's a daily battle," says Lt. James Kulesa with the Lonoke County's Sherriff's Office.

    "Yeah I think they're doing a great job by cracking down on it and they need to do more they need to keep it up," says resident Rachel Young.

    A recent DEA report says law enforcement through Arkansas is doing a lot to fight meth production and distribution. Arkansas ranks 9 out of 10, on DEA's list of meth busts.

    The report is based on the number of drug busts, not the amount of drugs found. That's why Missouri is ranked number one while California is ranked number 10 even though law enforcement in California reportedly seized nearly 50 times as much meth as law enforcement in California, during the same time period.

    Since January, White County's Sheriff's deputies reportedly shut down 30 meth labs and made 75 meth arrests.

    Back in Lonoke deputies say they follow daily tips to help uncover drug operations. This news has led some people in the community to worry about the impact on the next generation.

    "They could be making it right now the street or around the corner and kids are playing you never know pretty much where it is," says resident Andrea Toney.

    "What's going to become of the babies and they've got to be around all that inhaling, and you know they're smoking it and doing it in their home in front of them," says Young.

    Arkansas' Drug Zar Fran Flener says the DEA lists meth as Arkansas' number one drug issue. Flener says thanks to tougher restrictions in Mexico, there's a rise of meth labs throughout the U.S.

    Law enforcement in the state are required report when they seize meth labs to the ACIC. ACIC says the busts are not always reported right away. However, from January 2008 to January 2009 there were 400 bust reported.

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