Family Works to Catch a Killer

    9:25 PM, Aug 13, 2009   |    comments
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    Susan Day says nearly 12 months hasn't been long enough to digest the fact that her teen niece was killed.

    "She had so much to do in her life. She had so much to look forward to, so much life to live, and she was just taken violently," says Day.

    On Aug. 15, 2008, police say Adams was with a friend when they were confronted outside of Ultimate Fitness. A man approached them demanding valuables. Police say they complied, but he shot Adams five times anyway.

    "Was she calling for one of us? Did she want help and no body would help her," cries Day.

    Day remembers getting word from Adams' grandfather.
    "And then he started screaming that it was Danick and Danick was dead," says Day.

    "After a year with no arrest, Adams' family and friends made flyers with her picture and the question, 'Do you know who killed me?'" They're hoping this along with a $5,000 reward will get people talking to police.

    Relatives say Adams' was the baby of the family. They were protective of the 18-year-old who was born premature. They say she was working hard to go to college. Though she wasn't perfect, she didn't deserve to die. That's what they plan to tell her two-year-old daughter who is growing up without her mom.

    "We talk about Danick a lot. We show her pictures and she's gonna know who her momma was and hopefully one day, she will know who killed her momma and that that person has been brought to justice and won't ever hurt another family again," says Day.

    If you have any information please call (501) 982-INFO.

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