Lt. David Curlin now in serious condition after injured during fire response

    11:36 PM, Jan 4, 2010   |    comments
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    • Lt. David Curlin
    • The Clements Office Center caught fire early Sunday morning.
    • The vigil was held in front of the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Statue.
    • Curlin was trapped under this heavy metal beam.

    They lit candles and prayed Monday night outside the Maumelle Fire Department. News that a brother firefighter from Pine Bluff was trapped and seriously injured hits close to home here.

    Johnny Cooper is with the Turtle Creek Department. "You hear people talking about the brotherhood of the fire service and this shows it right here. You've got firefighters from all over coming out," Cooper says. 

    Lt.. Shauwn Howell explains what happened. "There was a lot of smoke, they couldn't see and started hearing things pop and fall. So they said let's back up and re-group."

    Lt David Curlin and others were on their way back out of the Clemments Office Center early Sunday morning when the wall of the second story collapsed, pinning Curlin under a heavy metal beam. The hose he manned is still trapped under the debris. 

    Howell says, "Fellow firefighters had to come to his rescue using everything they could get their hands on, the jaws of life, shovels, scoops, hands, just doing everything they can to free him from the entrapment up under the debris."

    Curlin is a 14-year veteran of the Pine Bluff Fire Department and a popular fixture at station three.

    In Maumelle they want his family to know that firefighters everywhere share their concern.

    Copper says, "David was one of them that loved his job. The times I worked down there with him making calls, it was something that he loved doing."

    Pam Curlin, David's wife says, "There is not enough thanks for everyone who's laid a helping hand on my husband, and all the prayers that we will never know that were said by people that don't even know him."

    Curlin is in serious condition with a broken leg and arm and several internal injuries.

    A Red Cross Blood Drive will be held Wednesday in Curlin's honor outside the main Pine Bluff fire station starting at 10 a.m.

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