Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Marade honors King

    7:06 PM, Jan 18, 2010   |    comments
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    It's a sprinkle of march and a whole lot of parade. There were live bands, shiny convertibles, dancers and almost anything you might expect from a parade. It's called a Marade, because it's a mixture of a march and a traditional parade.

    However, it's really more of a celebration. Like the armies of yester year, men and women march through downtown Little Rock on a crusade to preserve Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy.

    "They love Martin Luther King. I love Martin Luther King and I like the things that he has done," says Cherie Mays, while standing next to her two young kids.

    Community leaders marched and gave candy to the kids.
    However, in addition to the sweets, some parents say the MLK Marade is a time for kids to learn important lessons.

    "To respect everyone no matter their race, creed or color it just a matter of us getting along now and just living life being comfortable, friendly and happy," says father and Marade watcher Darden O'Neal.

    "I think it's important that they never forget where they come from and just keep hope alive," says Mays.

    The Marade reached the base of the capitol where it came to a close.

    "It was awesome; it was so much fun - the people on the sidelines were so excited," says Kate Cochrane, a spectator from Hendrix College.

    Organizers say 42 years after his death, King's dream of equality for all isn't forgotten but celebrated by glitz of the Marade.

    Today's THV also attended the feeding of 400 homeless at Philander Smith College in honor of King. Arkansas' Martin Luther King Commission helped out, along with several student volunteers.

    Organizers say they wanted to do something for the community beyond featuring speakers to honor King and teach current students some of the lessons he left behind.

    In addition to a hot meal, those in need also had the chance to get vaccinated against the flu.


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