Sarah Palin coming to Verizon Arena

    12:07 AM, Feb 16, 2010   |    comments
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    Folks have already snatched up tickets for a reception worth $500 per couple and a $175 per person dinner is nearly sold out. 

    The Republican Party of Arkansas is hosting Palin Tuesday night. Its Chairman Doyle Webb says this is the first state Republican event in the country she's attending. And Arkansans definitely don't want to miss out. 

    "We still have tickets available for that."


    "Thank you for calling us."


    It's a steady flow of calls at the office of the Arkansas Republican Party on Monday, most about Sarah Palin's Little Rock visit.


    "It's been very hectic. People are calling in, going to our web site, wanting to know how they can get tickets," said Doyle Webb, Arkansas Republican Party Chairman.


    It's a popular event at Verizon Arena where workers prepared the floors Monday and built curtain stands, gearing for up a star of a different kind. 


    "She speaks to people and to their hearts and they love her. She's tremendous draw," Webb said.


    Part of that draw includes the party's Gen Y'ers.   


    "Governor Palin coming to Arkansas is generating a ton of buzz, especially among young people," said Elizabeth Aymond, Chairman of Arkansas' Young Republicans.


    She says Palin's push for stronger fiscal responsibility in Washington appeals to her demographic.  


    "Once they get out of college, are in the workforce, their paycheck is getting smaller and smaller and smaller," Aymond said.     


    Both Aymond and Webb feel Arkansas would support Palin if she runs for president in 2012. They say her current celebrity status can only help.


    "I think you already see that she's secured political power. Look at the people turning out to hear her message," Webb said.


    "As long as her name's out there and she keeps speaking to the views and values of everyday Americans, it could definitely translate into money for fundraising and votes at the poll," Aymond said.


    It's future forecast that could make rolling out the carpet at Verizon Arena truly a memorable event.


    Webb adds that Tuesday's event won't be completely Republicans in the crowd. He says conservative democrats are expected too, plus many people from outside Arkansas.


    As for tickets, the Arkansas GOP says there should be some available at the box office.  


    The state GOP also says the media will not be able to get any footage of Palin during the entire event. That includes her arrival, her speech inside the arena and her departure.


    They will only let us sit inside and take notes during Palin's remarks and later get crowd reaction outside.


    Webb says they're following protocal from the Washington Speaker's Bureau that's organizing Palin's visit.


    We tried to contact the Washington Bureau for an explanation, but their offices have been closed since Friday afternoon.


    State GOP leaders here couldn't provide any further contact numbers for the bureau.


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