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    Raising Children Whose Parents Are In Prison

    More than 50,000 children in Arkansas have lost a parent to jail or prison. Some of those children end up in foster care, but many others are raised by their grandparents.

    6:27 PM, Jun 15, 2007

    Fielding Kimery in custody after Hot Springs double stabbing of Latisha Pilgrim, Armen Crawford

    Officers found 21-year-old Latisha Pilgrim and 42-year-old Armen Crawford outside of the home, both with multiple stab wounds.

    3:52 PM, Sep 7, 2012

    Little Rock School District: Register your four-year-old in Pre-K

    Parents can get their children registered for pre-kindergarten and get their required immunizations at the same time.

    12:38 AM, May 1, 2010

    6 ways to get rid of puffy eyes

    If you wake with puffy eyes, here are 6 easy ways to get rid of them fast.

    6:14 AM, Oct 11, 2012

    Anna and Zach Dennis surprise teen with adoption, a YouTube sensation

    Nineteen-year-old Meredith got a very special holiday surprise earlier this month - a forever family to call her own.

    8:19 PM, Dec 14, 2011

    Jessie Misskelley: 20 Years Later

    THV 11's Ashley Blackstone went to talk with him concerning the 20th anniversary of the West Memphis Murders, but Jessie ran away, not wanting to talk.

    4:45 PM, May 3, 2013

    Larry's Story

    Larry was born in a downtown lot next to Today's THV in the fall of 2004. Many of the THV staffers spotted his mom with two very small kittens coming in and out of a drainage pipe.

    1:02 PM, Jan 3, 2012

    Arkansas Medicaid launches second component of payment improvement initiative

    Hundreds of primary care physicians in Arkansas will soon begin receiving supplemental monthly payments to help them provide better and more comprehensive patient care as part of Medicaid's effort to transform the state's health care system.

    3:52 PM, Jan 14, 2014

    Arkansas Business: Incentives to keep Falcon Jet and save jobs

    Lance Turner with Arkansas Business has the latest numbers from Wall Street and Arkansas business headlines for May 30.

    7:37 AM, May 30, 2013

    Mary Kay Letourneau is back in jail

    Former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, who made headlines after she had sex with her 12-year-old student, is back in jail in Seattle.

    8:41 AM, Jan 7, 2014