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    Your picture-perfect snowflake pics

    From THV11's Sarah Fortner: What's going on in our atmosphere to make the flakes we're seeing today so intricate and special? We're under high pressure right now which means air SINKS in the atmosphere. This means the "pockets" of warm air high up in the sky aren't even above freezing. It's the warm air in the mid-levels of atmosphere that usually make our winter weather messy and not as pretty. The air just a few hundred meters up is extremely cold, polar air; We're talking subzero. It is the extremely low temperatures that the flakes are flying through that are making them visually picturesque. The lack of humidity also helps the basic shape of the crystals. For example, we see long needle-like crystals at 23° F and very flat plate-like crystals at 5° F. If you've taken a photo of one of these almost picture-perfect flakes, upload it below!

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