Kevin Bearden shot and killed in 1997

    9:52 PM, Apr 28, 2010   |    comments
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    • Kevin Bearden
    • Blake Bearden, Kevin's brother

    "You think about him ever single day. Never forget. You never will forget," says Blake Bearden.

    So the Bearden family comes to Forrest Hills Cemetery. They've done it for the last 13 years.

    "They always say time heals all wounds, but that is not going to heal," says Bryan Bearden.

    The cemetery is a peaceful place. It's quiet and calm, quite the opposite of 27-year-old Kevin Bearden's final hours.

    "He just went to work one night and didn't come home," says Bryan Bearden.

    It was May 14, 1997, a violent night they wish they could forget.

    "The call that nobody wants to get in the middle of the night," remembers Blake Bearden.

    Kevin was the assistant manager at a Little Rock Harvest Foods.

    "My brother was letting a stocker in the front door that evening and he was overtaken at the front door when he was trying to push the door shut on whoever it was who was trying to come in."

    The stocker got in and so did the gunman. Kevin was shot multiple times. After hours of surgery, he died the next day.

    "You hear about it. You see about it on TV. You just never, until it happens to you, you can't even describe it."

    Kevin was a family man. He was a husband, a father, a son, a brother.

    "27 years old, life just really getting started," says Bryan Bearden. "That was pretty tough trying to explain to a three-year-old that his daddy isn't coming home anymore."

    The motive was robbery. Police followed every lead. The employees were questioned along with folks in the community. Days passed, weeks, and years. There was never an arrest.

    "We don't know whether or not if whoever did this if he is dead, if he is in prison. There is just no telling."

    Lt. Terry Hastings says, "This person either doesn't have a conscious or enjoyed what they did."

    Today's THV took the family's concerns to Hastings. He says they haven't given up.

    "We need someone that has seen something, knows something to come forward and tell us this is the person that did this. Then we can take all of this evidence and put it with that id and make the case," says Hastings.

    While all the physical evidence has been collected, the case is still open. Occasionally, detectives will review it and work to develop a suspect.

    "This is not their first rodeo," explains Hastings. "They have committed other crimes, maybe not as severe as this one but I am sure they have a criminal record."

    And while police wait, Kevin's family keeps hanging on to hope -and the belief that everything is possible with faith.

    "I think it will get solved. It's up to God, you know," says Bryan Bearden.

    Blake Bearden says, "We may not ever find out, but in the mean time we are going to at least keep trying until we do."

    If you have any information on this Arkansas Cold Case, call the Little Rock Police Department.

    Our Arkansas Cold Case series airs every Wednesday on the THV 10:00 Difference.  It's part of our continuing effort to shed light on the state's countless unsolved murders and missing person's cases."

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