Arkansas storm damage

    10:02 PM, May 3, 2010   |    comments
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    Friday and Saturday's storms destroyed homes and uprooted trees in several areas of Central Arkansas.

    On Monday, the Arkansas Red Cross spanned out to help those working to salvage what they have left.

    For Angela and Victor Wheetly, they say losing a storage unit in Lonoke County, filled with supplies, seems minor compared to neighbors who have lost homes.

    Still, they describe the sight of it as a jolt to the system.
    "You're never ready for the shock of actually seeing it when it happens to you, never," says Angela Wheetly.

    The storage is where the owners of the Hi-tech Epoxy Floor Co. store all of the businesses' supplies.

    "I just thought, 'Oh my God we'll never recuperate from this.' Then I walked away so he wouldn't see me and I started to cry," says Angela Wheetly about hiding tears from her husband.

    They've already lost accounts, now family and employees are working to salvage what they can.

    This is the case all over Central Arkansas.

    Red Cross volunteers Neva Daniels and Smitty Dedman say while surveying the damage they've reached out a helping hand, only to find most people taking care of each other.

    "It does us good to be able to offer them a cold bottle of water and a sandwich," says Dedman.

    For the Wheetlys, they estimate the loss is somewhere around $60,000, an expense they say they'll have to stomach because the storage is uninsured.

    Some Red Cross volunteers have worked pretty much non stop.
    They were helping families in Mississippi, recovering from recent storms there, when they were called back home to help people in Arkansas.

    On Monday, Governor Mike Beebe declared 10 counties disaster areas, including Lonoke, Van Buren, Saline, Pulaski, and Conway counties.

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