Stephan Luckadue and Justin Watson arrested for 2009 double murder of Anthony Jackson, Kenneth Marion

    6:09 PM, Jun 3, 2010   |    comments
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    We first met Debra Smith April 1 of 2009 as she prayed for justice for her son, Jackson, shot dead earlier that day.

    A little more than a year later, she says her prayers are answered.

    "It helps a lot to know that they are off the street," says Smith.
    Little Rock Police say Stephan Luckadue and Justin Watson killed Jackson and Marion while they sat in a car on Valentine St. and 22nd St.

    Luckadue was already in custody. He's serving 30 years for attempted murder for trying to run over an officer the same day police say he killed Jackson and Marion.

    "I'm really proud to hear that they made all effort to find somebody," says Eddie Lewis, a friend of the victims.

    "I used to look at my door and say Anthony could walk in here, Anthony could walk in here but after April the 1st, I couldn't say that no more I could never say that no more," says Smith.

    If you watch shows like CSI you might think most murders get solved; not so according a new study. A Scripps Howard News Service study using FBI numbers show since 1980 says there are 185,000 unsolved homicides across the country.

    In fact, most murders in Pulaski County according to this study are solved. That's not the case, however, in cities like Chicago and Detroit. FBI number show both cities solved less than 40 percent of murders in 2008.

    The Little Rock Police Department says its investigators solve most of the homicides here. A Scripps Howard News Service study found that since 1980 detectives here have investigated more than 1,700 murders 77 percent have been solved.

    Lt. Terry Hastings says solving a murder is like putting together a puzzle.

    "We never give up on a homicide," Hastings says.
    "Many times we know who has committed a homicide we don't have enough pieces to make that charge and it takes time to develop that," Hastings says.

    Smith says for the sake of other mothers, she's not hoping for the death penalty.

    "If they had life without ever being able to hit the streets again that would be my closure; that would be mine," says Smith.

    Jackson was the second son she's lost to violence. No one was ever convicted for her oldest son's murder in 1994.


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