Saline County auctioning off drug seized vehicles

    5:57 PM, Jul 14, 2010   |    comments
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    The saying goes crime doesn't pay; well Saline County officials have found away around that.

    Prosecutor Ken Casady is holding an auction of vehicles police seized from drug dealers.

    Law enforcement in Saline County says these auctions are a great way to generate money without costing tax payers a cent. They haven't had one in a while, but say in the past they've raised thousands of dollars for supplies, things like new guns, and bullet proof vests, used to continue taking down drug dealers.

    When looking at a fleet of cars up for sale, Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington's answer to whether crime pays may surprise you.

    "Does crime pay? Well it does when it does it this way because it's pay back for our county," says Pennington. 

    Eleven seized vehicles are part of the auction. "Law enforcement and prosecutors can auction this stuff off and use the proceeds for law enforcement purposes," says Casady.

    All of the vehicles have a criminal back story according to law enforcement. In fact they say a semi truck for sale was seized after police learned its driver was trafficking hundreds of pounds of marijuana through Saline County. Altogether, authorities hope to raise at least $50,000.

    "We can buy bullet proof vests at no cost to tax payers, we can buy drug dogs, other things that our law enforcement community needs but might not have funds for," says Casady.

    If past years are any indication, law enforcement expects this auction to draw a big crowd. Bill Fitzmaurice is working it, but plans to shop on Thursday too.

    "I buy everything I can from an auction because at an auction I can pay half price sometimes pennies on a dollar, it's a good deal," says Fitzmaurice.

    Law enforcement is banking on people, like Fitzmaurice looking for a good deal, to help pay for needed equipment and supplies.

    The auction will take place Thursday, at Perry Appling's Auctions at 16043 Highway 70 in Benton.

    View directions and auction items here.

    Eleven vehicles including a loaded 2004 Cadillac Escalade, 2003 Iron Horse Chopper and a 1993 Freightliner tractor trailer semi-truck will go to the highest bidder.


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