Cortez Waller, Christopher Childress saw each other early Thurs.

    10:41 AM, Jul 16, 2010   |    comments
    • Cortez Waller
    • De'Randa Carter and Chris Childress
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    Cortez Waller had a relationship with Christopher Childress', the victim, girlfriend Duranda Carter. To what extent, police are not exactly sure at this time.

    Police say Cortez Waller, the suspect being held for murder, was coming to the police department to discuss an unrelated case in which he was a victim of a theft.

    At some point, police say Childress and Waller crossed paths in their vehicles in the city. Childress followed Waller in the city until Waller finally pulled in to the parking lot outside the police department.

    Childress pulled up next to Waller and both men confronted each other at that time. During the confrontation, Waller shot Childress multiple times, killing him.

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