Little Rock Police did not issue 'Wanted' poster for Raymond Moore, Marcus Simmons

    5:59 PM, Sep 15, 2010   |    comments
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    Wanted dead or alive: the headline of a makeshift "Wanted" poster.

    "It did not come from the Little Rock Police Department," says Lt. Terry Hastings.

    According to the police, the poster showed up in their office early Wednesday, from someone who says they found it in their neighborhood.

    The caption below the mens' photos reads, "If you see these two call 911 or kill them, take your pick."

    The two suspects are wanted by police, but not dead.

    "What this flyer projects is not correct," Hastings says.

    Raymond Moore and Marcus Simmons are wanted in connection with the murder of Larry Sims. Sims was shot to death outside a Baymont Inn three weeks ago.

    There was a time when posters like this were legitimate, but now Hastings says not only is it potentially dangerous, but against the law."

    "If a person was to take them at their word and harm these two individuals, they could face murder charges," Hastings says.

    As for who created it, police say they don't know, but frown on the idea.

    "We do not condone this or agree with this at all."

    Some in the general public are not so fond of the poster either.

    "It's wrong because someone out on the streets could get another murder charge," says Happie Neal of Little Rock.

    Police say they don't want Moore or Simmons dead - but behind bars.

    "If you know where these two are, call 911, do not take justice into your own hands," says Hastings.

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