Jarvis Robie is charged as an adult for the murder of Harold Johnson III

    7:27 PM, Feb 2, 2011   |    comments
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    • Jarvis Robie
    • Harold Johnson

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A Little Rock juvenile is behind bars, charged with capital murder after an alleged drug deal went bad.

    Police arrested Jarvis Robie, 15, for the Jan. 27 shooting death of Harold Eugene Johnson III at his home at 2900 S. Tyler St.
    The house is across from the Lions World Services for the Blind.

    "It's safe, we are very surprised this happened," says Public Relations Director Dan Noble.

    Noble says his staff feels much safer knowing it was an isolated incident and the suspect in jail.

    Officers arrested Robie after his mother called police saying she heard her son may be involved in Johnson's death. Lieutenant Terry Hastings says Robie shot Johnson over drugs.

    "It was through information detectives received from family members who helped them make the case," says Hastings.

    She told police where they could find him-the Taco Bell on Broadway St. Police arrested him on Jan. 29 and officers found a .45 caliber gun in his front waistband. They say the gun belonged to the victim.

    After he was read his Miranda rights, Robie made a taped statement. In his statement, Robie says he was at the house buying "weed" from Johnson. He said that Harold shorted him and he would not give him his money back. Robie said Harold's girlfriend's son went to the back of the house and Harold went outside. Robie then said that he grabbed Johnson's .45 caliber pistol off the computer stand. He stated that the clip was not In the gun when he took it, but that he put it in and made sure that it was loaded.

    He stated that he went to the kitchen to wait for Johnson to come back in and that he pointed the gun at Johnson and demanded his "weed" or his money.

    Robie said that Johnson started to get up and so he fired the gun striking Johnson in the right shoulder. Robie told police he was afraid that Johnson would take the gun from him, so he continued firing the gun until it was empty. He said that he then ran out the front door.

    Although he's only 15, prosecutor Larry Jegley is charging him as an adult with capital murder.

    "If it's a drug deal gone bad, police would say, 'Why would you kill somebody over a bag of dope?'" says Jegley.

    Robie cannot face the death penalty because he's under 18 years old.

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