Volunteers clean up storm-ravaged street

    9:36 PM, Apr 15, 2011   |    comments
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    NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  (KTHV)-- Neighbors wake up to find volunteers cleaning up their storm-damaged trees.

    With chainsaws and helping hands, a group sought out homes with damage from last night storms. They found damage on Lakeview Road in the form of trees turned over and for one unlucky resident a tree right in the middle of his living room.

    Mark Perry was just watching the storm coverage last night when he overheard severe weather was heading toward his area.

    "I ran down the hall to get my wife up and daughter up and our dog and went downstairs where we where ther for 30 seconds and boom," Perry said.

    That boom was a tree hitting the front of his home. "It hit right by the couch I was laying on" Perry said. "There is a big chunk of ceiling right on it where I was laying." 

    Perry said it was terrifying, but when he came back in the morning he was surprised to see more the Rock Creek Disaster Relief Unit.

    "I get a personal feeling out of it to come out and help people like this," Harold Sutton with the unit said, "I think serving your fellow man is one of the thing you do as a Christian and it one of the things that benefit me and other people." 

    With chainsaws, trucks and extra helping hands the Rock Creek Crews came to help. "Anytime there's a tornado and where in arkansas we usually go and any time like this where there is damage we help as well," Britt Reynolds of Rock Creek said.

    Perry says getting help from strangers that don't ask for anything in his time of need is more than he could have asked for.

    "Folks here have been really, really helpful and supportive," Perry reiterated. "That's what makes you be able to get through days like today." 


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