Flooding forces 67/167 to close near Jacksonville

    12:43 AM, May 3, 2011   |    comments
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    Video: Jacksonville flooding causing concerns for mayor, drivers

    Video: Max Seigle live in Jacksonville at 6 p.m.

    • I-67/167 flooding from THV's Faith Abubey.
    • Accident on I67-167 from THV's Lisa Hutson.
    • Accident on I67-167 from THV's Lisa Hutson.
    • North Valley Drive off Jacksonville cuttoff
      By Billy and Toni Roy
    • Hwy 167 North between Ward and Beebe
      Photo from THV's Mathew Ramsey
    • Accident on I67-167 from THV's Lisa Hutson.
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  • JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) -- With more rain expected, it could mean more detours and driving headaches for folks having to get around parts of Highway 67/167. On Monday, a busy stretch through Jacksonville was shut down because of flooding.

    There were definitely some headaches getting in and out of Jacksonville Monday.

    Right now, we're told 67/167 is closed from the Kiehl Exit and 440 split to the Gregory Road Exit. It's a situation lasting most of the day and hitting some already water-logged travelers.

    We found Joyce Eads and Bob Chandler at the Jacksonville Western Sizzlin' Monday night. The two on the road, fleeing flooding threats back home in Des Arc.

    "We had to move out, had to evacuate and the river over there is up to 33.7," Eads said.

    But on their way to Fort Smith, more weather trouble driving through Central Arkansas.

    "We come on to 67/167 off of 40 and run into it," Bob Chandler said.  

    It is this: a flooded out 67-167. It forced detours much of the day and was slow-going getting around.

    "I'd say at least for a mile to a mile and a half or maybe more. Bumper to bumper? Yes, bumper to bumper," Eads said.  

    "Yeah, they were lined up pretty long," Chandler said.  

    They made it into Jacksonville in a little over an hour. And say most people seem to handle the detours ok.

    "Nobody acted like they got into a hurry or was frustrated or anything, they done real good," Chandler said.

    Still seeing all this mess was a surprise for Chandler.

    "Around down there at home in Des Arc I have but I've never seen it like this in this area," Chandler said.

    It's a stretch highway, with only the birds right now flying by.

    Eads and Chandler are staying the night in Jacksonville and will just see how things are in the morning.

    Jacksonville police are urging folks to detour to Highway 107.

    Highway 161 coming to Jacksonville is now closed. It's not passable after Reed's bridge and they are re-routing people.

    They're also asking folks to pack a lot of patience and a full tank of gas before leaving home.

    For some more perspective on the flooding, Jacksonville Police say at one point Monday, water was flowing over the highway medians.

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