Randy Gay's sister Gloria Lindsay speaks to Today's THV

    6:36 PM, May 24, 2011   |    comments
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    UNDATED (KTHV)-- Randy Gay is awaiting trial for murder, but his older sister is speaking with Today's THV supporting him.

    This is the third time he is awaiting trial; he was already convicted of two killings. Garland County deputies say Connie Snow is his most recent victim.

    However, that's not the whole story, according Gay's sister who spoke exclusively with Today THV.

    Gloria Lindsay says as children, she and Gay leaned on one another. And despite these charges, she's standing by him. She came down from Tennessee to support him through his most recent murder charge. She says Gay is a kind, simple man and she doesn't believe he's guilty.

    Gay's criminal history spans three decades. However, Lindsay says he's her little brother and childhood best friend. "He was kind to people, he would help anyone if he had a dollar and they needed it money was nothing to him he would give it to them," says Lindsay.

    Monday, Gay was in court regarding a 2008 conviction for terroristic threatening, Lindsay says that case lacks merit.
    "Everyone who knew my brother, they love him you hear nothing but good about him, they speak highly of him," says Lindsay.

    This appearance comes on the heels of him pleaded not guilty to the murder of Snow. Prosecutors say he shot the grandmother of three in front of witnesses and then dumped her body in the Ouachita National Forest. "I'm still in disbelief I'm not so sure he did this," says Lindsay.

    It was also in the woods where court documents show Gay admitted to shooting and killing his and Lindsay's father, Glen Gay. He was convicted in 1992.

    Lindsay accepts her brother's self-defense claim citing an earlier example of what she say was her father's fiery temper. "My brother was going to call for help and my daddy took the shotgun and put it Randy's face and said nobody is calling anybody, or you'll be next."

    Gay was first accused of murder in 1978, when he was 19. He took a plea bargain, and ultimately served less than two years. "He was so young he didn't realize the impact that charge was going to have on him for the rest of his life," says Lindsay.

    Documents show there have been other offenses including battery and firearm possession. Through it all Lindsay says she's sticking by her brother. "Probably the rest of his life," says Lindsay.

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