5:54 PM, Jun 8, 2005   |    comments
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    The White County Sheriff's Department says it has seized a record amount of meth ingredients. Deputies say they found more than 8,800 pills at a flea market in north White County. At the Country Side Flea Market, they offer everything from tools to antiques. But the White County Sheriff's Office says it's what owner James Albert Rasco Jr. isn't advertising that got him into trouble. Sheriff Pat Garrett says, "You can't very well put up a sign that says, ‘I'm selling meth out of my store here,’ but word does travel." And that's how deputies got their search warrant. Deputies say Rasco cooperated and walked them through his property and business. Lt. Greg Williams with the Narcotics Division says "As long as I've been working the narcotics team, this is the largest amount of pills I have found used in the manufacturing of meth. There were approximately 8,840 pills that were found, 38 pounds." Williams says many of them are diet pills and aren't typically used to make meth. But, he says the state's new law requiring many cold medicines to be sold behind the counter may have meth cookers looking for new alternatives. "But I noticed on the container that the pills contained ephedrine alkaloids, so I called the chemist to see if these kinds of pills can be used to make meth and he researched and said yes they could," he explains. Deputies did find some meth and two guns. They also took Rasco's computer because he was allegedly using it to store meth recipes and to order the pills online. Although deputies had probable cause, Lt. Williams says Rasco was not arrested on the spot because they do not feel he's a flight risk. They plan to make their arrest after the evidence is processed.

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