Questions raised over UCA president buyout

    5:40 PM, Sep 21, 2011   |    comments
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    CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) -- UCA Student Government Association and members of faculty and staff are questioning former president Meadors buyout. Meadors resigned after not telling school trustees that a food services company's proposed donation to renovate his university-owned home came with attachments.

    Student Government President Austin Hall says he is fielding questions from the student body about the price of the buyout and how it affects them. "It's difficult to explain to 11 thousand students who are taking out loans and living on noodles for a president who behaved somewhat unethically to receive that kind of money."

    Interim President Tom Courtway says $357,787.50 is from private funds leaving $225,325 from public funds which were already budgeted.

    Courtway is not taking a raise as interim president. He is reassuring students who are worried about tuition going up due to the buyout. "For the remainder of this year, academic year till June 30th of next year the same rate of pay is under his contract for the relinquishment of his tenure from that point forward for 18 months-private funds. No state dollars, no tuition revenue, no housing revenue, all private funds." 

    The private money comes from UCA members raising the funds.

    An audit committee is conducting the investigation into the deal offered by Aramark. If they discover a law was broken he will still receive the buyout because of his prior contract.

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