Arkansas' Unsolved: TV Show Focuses On Cold Cases

    9:12 AM, Aug 16, 2005   |    comments
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    Because of technology like DNA profiling, some crimes have been solved after years - sometimes decades. But sometimes, all it takes to break a cold case is for someone to step forward and finally tell the truth. There's a new group in Arkansas who's hoping to make that happen all across the state. “Arkansas' Unsolved” is a new television program that focuses on cold cases. Steven Idlewild was into taping evidence for local law enforcement but wanted to do more. He describes himself as a freelance videographer with a calling to bring peace to the families of unsolved murder victims. He says, "There's something that gnaws at me in a case where justice hasn't been or there are families yearning - that need closure." That's where the show comes in. It's a 30-minute show that details open homicide and missing person cases. Idlewild says, "A local Arkansas version of Unsolved Mysteries, crossed with America's Most Wanted." Idlewild got the idea from the Doug Kirk case. Kirk vanished 10 years ago and the investigation into his disappearance will be Idlewild's first episode. Keith Kirk says, "It keeps my brother alive and I'm really happy somebody did come in and do this." Kirk believes someone killed his brother. But so far, there have been no convictions, no arrests and no charges filed. He says the sheriff has suspects, but no evidence. He hopes the show will change that. He says, "You search and search for help and somebody does step up - that's good." Idlewild is taking donations for a $1 million reward and he'll give it to anyone who comes forward with information that leads to a conviction and to Doug Kirk's body. Kirk says, "I'd like for it to end like it to end I'd like for people to step up that were witnesses, cause there was witnesses." Each episode of Arkansas Unsolved will feature a new case. The goal is to have two new shows every month - but first Idlewild must find corporate sponsors to back his program. The show will air as paid programming on Today's THV starting later this month.

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