Coleman Dairy celebrates 150 years

    9:52 PM, Jan 20, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- It's been 150 years and Coleman Dairy is still putting out their quality checked product. And there's a good chance you've had some in your kitchen at one time or another.

    Bob Coleman has fond memories of his childhood. Bob says, "When we were raised, when we had a breakfast in the morning? You had cottage cheese on the table! I don't eat breakfast without cottage cheese! Cottage cheese, and eggs and bacon is just unbelievable!"

    Coleman is a sixth generation Coleman Dairy man. Now celebrating 150 years, it's the oldest dairy processing plant west of the Mississippi River.

    It began with Bob's great-great-grandfather. Bob says, "He moved here from, I believe North Carolina at about the time the Civil War. And set up shop at what is now Asher and University!"

    Now the plant has relocated off Interstate-30 in Little Rock only miles from its original site. Coleman says, "I tell people that I was raised on a farm! And they all laugh at me and say 'No you weren't! You were raised on Asher and University!' But we had chickens, pigs, horses, we had cows. So what do you call that? It's a farm!"

    That farm is one of Cherb Coleman's favorite things to brag about. Cherb says, "This is the original homeplace on Asher. The picture was taken somewhere in the early 20s."

    The current image of Coleman Dairy is much busier. Milk is on the move as employees keep a close eye on the production line and have a good time on the clock.

    Coleman says, "Our employees are family, but we are a part of a bigger family which are the communities in which we do business. We couldn't do it without any of them!"

    The Coleman brothers have their favorite Coleman Dairy products. Bob can't live without his cottage cheese and Walt loves his buttermilk with chocolate chip cookies. But every product can't be somebody's favorite; that means a lot of products are a "dying breed". Bob says, "How many times have you drank buttermilk? Never. Young people will not drink buttermilk! I'm just saying! There are a lot of dairy products that have gone by the way side because young people weren't raised on them."

    Yet Coleman dairy has a strong foundation to build on. Awards all over the office reflect years of dedicated employees, and appreciation from happy customers.

    Their "quality checkd" misspelled logo has distinguished them for decades; Coleman says it was just something they chose to stand out from the crowd.

    And stand out they do for thousands of satisfied customers.

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