Battle continues over Mindy McCready's son

    5:24 PM, Feb 21, 2012   |    comments
    Mindy McCready
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    LEE COUNTY, Fla. (KTHV/WINK) - The battle over country singer Mindy McCready's son continues in a courtroom in Florida.

    According to CBS affiliate WINK, officials from Arkansas and Florida are battling over who has jurisdiction of this case and what should happen with 5-year-old Zander McCready.

    In November, McCready took her son from his grandparents, who had legal custody of him. She and Zander were found in Arkansas a few weeks later.

    McCready has not been present for the recent hearings. She is being conferenced in by phone because she's pregnant and due anytime.

    McCready wants Zander to stay in Arkansas, while his father thinks he should be taken to Florida. McCready's attorney says she's taken parental classes, and has passed all drug tests.

    WINK tells Today's THV that Arkansas case workers have offered to use taxpayer money to bring Zander's father, Billy McKnight, from Florida to Arkansas to visit his son once a month. They've also offered to pay his hotel and transportation costs.

    Arkansas Department of Human Services Communication Director Amy Webb says, "There are certain cases where we may pay for a parent to visit a child. It is not something that is very common. Basically, if we are court-ordered to do so, then we should. Or in some cases, if the goal is reunification, then we may do that if the parent doesn't have the means to visit the child."

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