Man graffiti's own home, asking for truck back

    8:12 AM, Mar 28, 2012   |    comments
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    SAN ANTONIO, TX (CNN/KENS) -- Someone stole a man's truck in Texas, and now he's using some unusual methods to get it back. Instead of taking an ad out in the paper or online, he's using home as the advertisement.

    Daryl McClain says, "I speak my mind, most people keep it in." Not only does Daryl McClain "speak" his mind. Anyone who drives by his home can "see" what he's thinking.

    The reporter asks, "Would you say you tagged your own house?" He responds, "Yes I did."

    Tagged, and with the words "To the mother f----- that stole my truck. You are a dead man."

    The reporter asks, "What do you mean by you're a dead man?" After a pause, he responds, "I would just like my stuff back."

    While for the most part, the message is self explanatory, some of it needs a little interpretation. Like 2K NQA? $2,000 no questions asked."

    But the cash reward isn't the "cause" of all the rubber necking. He says, "It's opening their eyes up. A lot of cars slow down stop back up, read it, a lot of thumbs up."

    But it's a thumbs down from neighbor Roy Patty. He says, "What is wrong with the guy across the street? So what do you do? It's like a parade route. Everybody comes by. I take pride in my house I'd never come home and do something like that cause I was mad. Children shouldn't be able read something like that."

    Daryl says, "That's the reason I didn't really spell anything out. Code compliance told me I am not doing a thing wrong."

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