Amanda Ewing arrested for alleged role in husband BJ Ewing's murder in Faulkner County

    10:09 PM, Apr 5, 2012   |    comments
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    • Amanda Ewing, 27
    • Clayton Monsees

    FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) -- Prosecutors say they're not ruling out the death penalty in a bizarre homicide in Faulkner County.

    We first told you about this case last month. And on Thursday, capital murder charges were filed against the two people believed to be involved in the murder plot: the wife of the victim and her ex-husband.

    When we first spoke with Mary Bowie on March 21st, she told us she was able to speak with her son, Billy Joe Ewing, before he died. 

    "He said Mama, Amanda's ex-husband shot me and stabbed me and he said they set me up," Mary Bowie said.

    She said her son came to her nearby home for help after the incident outside his home in rural Faulkner County. And Bowie said that his last words were, "She wanted my insurance, that's exactly what he said, I'm dying mama, that's it."

    Come Thursday, prosecutors charged her son's wife Amanda Ewing and her ex-husband Clayton Monsees with capital murder.

    Faulkner County Major Andy Shock says the investigation did reveal a roughly $30,000 life insurance policy. But he and the prosecuting attorney are not saying yet if that was a motive.

    "I can't get into the motivation, can't get into the how they were going to do it, obviously Mr. Ewing was shot and you can inter from that what you will," said Cody Hiland, Prosecuting Attorney with the 20th Judicial District.

    Hiland says the details will come out in trial. But he admits there was something fishy from the start.   

    "I think from the get-go that law enforcement understood there was further investigation that needed to be conducted and that was done and followed up on," Hiland said.      

    Family members were in court Thursday, wanting justice for their loved one, like they did when we spoke to them right after the murder.

    "I want them prosecuted, I wanted them prosecuted whoever did this, he asked for it and I want it done," Bowie said.

    Despite confessing to authorities, an attorney entered a not guilty plea for Amanda Ewing Thursday. And he did the same for her ex-husband Clayton Monsees. Status hearings for both suspects are set for May 3rd. Their pre-trial hearings on June 18th.

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