4. Woman Discovers She’s Pregnant After Parachute Fails

    4:15 PM, Jan 3, 2006   |    comments
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    Imagine jumping out of an airplane and having your parachute fail, but you somehow survive the impact. That's what happened to 21-year-old Shayna Richardson of Joplin, Mo., while she was skydiving in Siloam Springs, Ark. in October. She was taking her first solo jump when her parachute didn't open and then her reserve parachute didn't fully open either. Richardson landed face first in a parking lot. Her instructor caught it all on tape. Richardson explains what happened next, "In the hit, I eggshelled my entire face. Everything through here got eggshelled and I broke my pelvis in two places and broke my fibula in my right leg." During the weeks of surgeries, doctors found out Richardson was also two weeks pregnant. Now, 10 weeks after the fall both Richardson and her baby are on the road to recovery. Her baby is due in June and Richardson says she hopes to be skydiving again by August.


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