Viewers send in more amazing trail camera pictures

    10:53 PM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- We were overwhelmed with all the great game camera pictures you sent in last week and now we have more to share!

    Here piggy, piggy. Joe from Humphrey emailed us a great picture captured by his trail cam. It was taken near Star city.

    This next one is very cool. Derek sent in a picture of a bird caught attacking or trying to land on a deer.

    And USee Wildlife emailed us several great pictures including one of these two cute little bear cubs. Their cameras also captured a bobcat. Both pictures were taken by their game cameras in the Ozark Mountains near Mountain View.

    What's this? Brian sent in a great shot of a deer trying to figure out what's taking its picture.

    And Ashley from Malvern has a game camera in the backyard and captured three deer.

    Jerry from Greenbrier got this picture of a couple of bears chowing down on what appears to be Joe's Pizza Buffet. It was taken in Van Buren County.

    And Jerry also sent in some great video. A coyote trying to run a bear off from the buffet.  It was also taken in Van Buren County. You can see the coyote pouncing trying to scare the bear.

    Keep the great pictures and videos coming, email news@todaysthv.com and we just may show your picture next Thursday night. And you can see more pictures by going to the featured galleries and outdoor sections.

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