Black student allegedly hazed with noose in Wynne

    9:21 PM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
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    WYNNE, Ark. (CNN/WMC) -- Officials in an Arkansas school district are investigating some serious allegations. An African-American football player reportedly had a noose put around his neck by white teammates.

    Many folks are frowning in the "City With A Smile" after hearing news of possibly racially-charged hazing involving members of the Wynne High School's junior varsity football team. Carl Easley says, "There was an incident in the 9th grade locker-room."

    Carl Easley is superintendent of Wynne Arkansas public schools. He says, "Two students are being recommended for expulsion and five have been suspended from school."

    The superintendent is not allowed to release details of the incident until a hearing is held. But family and friends of a 14-year-old African American player claim white students tied a noose around his neck before practice last Monday. Parent Benita South says, "We love Wynne, it's a good school system. And sometimes we just mess up."

    Black and white parents alike are equally outraged although some were hesitant about being identified. One parent says, "If it was me doing it to you... What would they do to me? Suspend me for me doing it to you?" The reporter asks, "So you think they should be criminally charged?" She responds, "Yeah! Why not?"

    Wynne police interviewed 30 or so students in the locker-room at the time of the incident. But they determined punishment should be handled by the school district.

    In addition to the students who are in trouble, the superintendent said staff members may be disciplined as well for not properly supervising them. Easley says, "Kids at no time should be left unsupervised and we're gonna have to revisit how we supervise students."

    The school board will make a final decision about the expulsions which may leave a lasting impression on the football players.

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