5 things to buy in October

    5:52 AM, Oct 4, 2012   |    comments
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    If you are always looking for a good deal, here are 5 things you should buy in October from Yahoo!

    1. Halloween Gear.  The longer you wait, the bigger the deals. There is a fine line, however  you won't find many costume choices and sizes if you wait too long. The best time to buy Halloween gear is mid-month when you'll still have some selection and lower prices.

    2. Toys.  Prices probably won't be as low as on Black Friday, but if you don't want to battle the holiday crowds there are ways you can score super low prices on toys this month. Look for toys from last year because most retailers are marking down and clearing shelf space in preparation for November.

    3. Health Insurance. September to November is the time to renew or sign up for health insurance through open enrollment with your employer. While health insurance is never cheap, now is the time to look for a cheaper plan or ways to cut costs by changing your current plan.

    4. Cars and Big Appliances. Car dealers are eager to make room on the lot for new 2013 models, and October is prime time for striking a deal on a new car that happens to be last year's model. October deals also abound for big appliances as retailers mark down old models to clear the aisles for new models and holiday sales.

    5. Summer Gear. This is most likely the last month you'll see patio furniture, summer yard tools, and summer-themed decorations in stores. You'll find them in clearance bins. Add window air conditioner units to the list of October deals and you can easily get ready for next summer now, for less.

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