Little Rock shares thoughts on presidential debate

    6:53 PM, Oct 4, 2012   |    comments
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    Photo: Image still from CBS broadcast of debate.

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Media outlets and political pundits continue to pour on fuel to the political fire by sharing reaction from presidential debate number one.

    Today's THV spent the morning talking with folks here in Little Rock about their reaction to the first debate between President Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and came across some interesting responses.

    "I thought Mitt Romney showed up to the debate armed and ready to do battle. And I thought that President Obama really didn't seem like he studied much or had any convincing arguments," says Walter Burgess of Little Rock.

    "He did a good job of shooting down the president's health care plan," says Foster Holcomb of Little Rock.

    A few President Obama supporters surfaced as well.

    "I think that he was very clear in where he wanted to take the country and I've always felt he's really clear as far as the economy is concerned I think he's done exceptionally well. He put me back to work," says Lawana Stockstill of Little Rock.

    One voter, visiting from California, says her opinion changed after the debate.

    "I voted for Obama and I had intended to vote for him again, but I was quite frankly very disappointed of how unpoised, unprepared and unsophisticated he sounded," says Judith Houser, Los Angeles.

    Another viewer, a student from Denver, says he had a hard time with the professionalism of the debate.

    "Neither one respected the whole debate process," says Alex Mitchell.

    The second presidential debate will be October 16th in New York at Hofstra University.


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