Child care center uncover convicted sex offender volunteering

    8:15 PM, Oct 9, 2012   |    comments
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    Hot Springs (KTHV) - Garland County officials said a child care center uncovered a parent who volunteered at their facility is a convicted sex offender who failed to register in Arkansas.

    "Some things fell through the cracks," said Officer Courtney Kizer with Hot Springs Police Department.

    Police said the man is Nashaun Ruffin (31) of Tallahassee, Florida.

    Officers said Ruffin notified Florida officials of his move, but did not register as a sex offender once in Hot Springs.

    "Whenever they move they have to register with our department," said Kizer.

    Documents out of New York secured by Today's THV Tuesday show Ruffin convicted in 1999 of sodomy against a 6-year-old boy.

    Authorities say he physically overpowered the boy, even threatened him and used coercion.

    After serving eight years in prison, Ruffin moved to Tallahassee Florida.


    "It's my understanding that he's been here for some time," said Officer Kizer.

    Officers believe Ruffin is living with the mother of the two children in Hot Springs.  

    Officers said federal authorities are in the process of securing a warrant.  Officer Kizer said once the warrant is secured they will ascertain whether Ruffin is living at the Hot Springs address.  Officer Kizer said this process could take up to a week.

    Last week the child care center was tipped off.  After an internet search revealed Ruffin to be a convicted sex offender, Officer Kizer said staff at the child care center told Ruffin he was no longer welcomed at the facility.

    When deputies arrived the child care center advised authorities Ruffin had been put out of the facility 30 minutes prior to their arrival.

    Officer Kizer said the child care center requires staff members be present with children, even while parents are there volunteering.

    The child care center reportedly told Police the children were never in harm's way.

    "Everybody in that facility knows that they did there best.  Once they found out the information they made the proper adjustments," said Officer Kizer.


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