Stations ration gas in some NJ gas stations

    11:46 AM, Nov 9, 2012   |    comments
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    NEW YORK (CBS) -- Gas rationing started this morning in New York City and Long Island where about 11 million people live.

    It's an "odd day" for these New York City drivers and that's good for them because their license plates end with an odd number.

    Odd-Even license plate gas rationing went into effect in New York City, and Long Island today. Police officers are helping to enforce the new rule that requires cars to fuel up on alternating days.

    At one station in Queens, it takes about 15 minutes to get gas. The owner says the line was much longer yesterday.

    New Jersey started rationing last weekend in some counties, and it helped shrink the miles long gas lines that started after Super Storm Sandy disrupted fuel deliveries, and cut power to filling stations. It's also helping stations hang on to their supplies a little longer.

    Seventy-five percent of New York City's 800 gas stations were closed on Thursday either because they don't have gas, or don't have power.

    Part of the problem is that a terminal that pumps four-and-a-half million gallons of gas a day to New York City and Long Island was temporarily knocked out by the nor'easter that hit here on Wednesday.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the rationing system will not likely end soon. He says, "There will be shortages possibly another couple weeks."

    The gas crunch has caused prices to jump more than 20 cents per gallon this week. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is expected to decide today whether to continue gas rationing in his state.

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