Hot Husband Contest Finalist

    10:20 AM, Feb 14, 2006   |    comments
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    With Valentine's Day right around the corner, some of you might be wishing for the nation's hottest mate. A Maumelle Woman might get that wish granted; her mate is a finalist in a national contest for the hottest husband. Cynthia DePriest says her husband Ray, 37, is the hottest plumber in Arkansas. She entered him in Redbook Magazine’s Hot Husband contest without telling him. Now out of 1,000 entries, he can't believe he's a finalist. Cynthia says her husband of more than five years is heaven-sent, self-sacrificing and humble. So when she saw the ad in Redbook Magazine she couldn’t resist. "I saw the article that said ‘Is your husband this hot?’ and I thought yeah, he's that hot. For sure," she says. Not only is Ray the ultimate handy man-- a plumber by trade-- he's also a massage therapist. Cynthia calls him the perfect package. And just listen to how he starts the day. "He gets up and starts the laundry and cleans the kitchen," Cynthia explains. "He vacuums, he makes coffee. He comes to the bedroom and hands me a cup of coffee with whip cream designs on top with chocolate and vanilla. If I’ve been sweet, I get a smiley face. If I’ve been grumpy, I get a frown." But ask Ray about this whole thing and he's not too sure. "I’m excited and embarrassed at the same time," he says. "I don't like the attention." Cynthia says from the day they met, Ray turned heads. He tells us how they met while he was fixing a broken ice machine at the salon where Cynthia worked. "As I was carrying it out, I backed up into the salon and everyone got quiet, so I turned like a scared little kid, 'Oh, my God, I did something wrong?!'” Cynthia adds, “We were all looking at the backside and he did not have a plumber's crack!" Cynthia says, "Whether he gets selected or not, in my heart he's already won. I won August 12, 2000, when I married my best friend." The final winner is chosen by how many votes he gets on the magazine's website. If you'd like to find out more about the contest, click on the link to the right. Cynthia is still waiting to hear from the magazine on when the winner will be announced.

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