New Yorkers become more cautious on subway platforms after latest death

    9:39 AM, Dec 28, 2012   |    comments
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    NEW YORK (AP) - New York subway riders are absorbing the news about a man who was pushed to his death in front of a subway train last night -- the second such incident this month.

    A man who rides the subway daily, Howard Roth, says it's a "really sad commentary on the world and on human beings, period." He says he'll keep in mind the safety advice for subway riders -- "don't stand near the edge, and keep your eyes open."

    Another rider says she always stands against a wall or a pillar to keep someone from coming up behind her.

    Witnesses told police that the woman who pushed a man in front of a train last night had been following him closely on a platform, and mumbling to herself. She got up from a nearby bench and shoved the man, who was standing with his back to her, as the train pulled into the station.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked about the incident this morning on his radio program (on WOR) and he pointed to the legal and policy changes that led to the release of many mentally ill people from psychiatric institutions.

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