Sheep Taken Out Like Trash

    6:29 PM, Feb 22, 2006   |    comments
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    It was a bizarre night at the Little Rock Zoo Tuesday when security guards caught a man trying to get away with one of the animals. Little Rock police arrested 32-year-old Grady Allen Carnahan for cruelty to animals and criminal trespass. The police report says the man is homeless. Zoo security says they've had problems with him trespassing before, but never guessed what he would do next. They're friendly, they're soft and they're very gentle. Curator Mark Shaw says that's what makes the baby doll breed of sheep ideal for the petting zoo. In the spring, the sheep go into the contact yard so children can feed them and even touch them. However, police say one man took the invitation a little too far when he tore down the chain link fence, wrestled one of the sheep and stuffed her into a trashcan. It was 11:00 Tuesday night, when security guards caught the trespasser headed toward the exit dragging the muddy sheep, known as No. 8, behind him. Shaw says, "Apparently according to reports and stuff - one it almost sounded like he thought the sheep was his mother - and then another report sounded like it was his grandmother's sheep and it was sick and he was I don't know - it doesn't make any sense." Now, No. 8 is back with the rest of her group. Zookeeper Megan Koula says, "They're very skittish. It took them like 10 minutes to come up close to us this morning." She's covered in mud and she's missing some of her winter coat, but other than that, No. 8 is fine. Shaw says, "Well, you know it's not many times you get to take a ride through the zoo in a garbage can, but she's actually doing very well." Today's THV got word from Carnahan's sister who says he is a very sick man, and is a paranoid schizophrenic in need of serious help. She says the family's struggling to keep him in the hospital where he needs to be. Carnahan faces charges, including animal facility violation, criminal trespass, cruelty to animals, resisting arrest and theft of property.

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