Craig's Twist 86: Getting along at the Capitol

    8:30 PM, Jan 8, 2013   |    comments
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    By the sound of it, Tom Cotton is already caught up in the Washington D.C. practice of exploring differences as opposed to starting with similarities.

    What happened at the State Capitol Monday should be used as a blueprint for governing. The Republicans are set to take over next week in the Arkansas legislature. They face a Democrat in the Governor's chair. That sounds like a recipe for wrestling, especially when you realize their number one issue is the most contentious issue in America: healthcare, more specifically the state Medicaid shortfall and federally mandated expansion. And yet, yesterday, both sides were starting the process from the same bottom line.

    The Republicans were represented by Senate President Michael Lamoreaux.

    "The thing that I tried to be clear about," Lamoreaux explained, "is we're not gonna throw people out of nursing homes."

    The Democrats were represented by Governor Mike Beebe.

    "But, there are some parts of this we can't do," Beebe said. "The most egregious to me was how in the heck do you throw level 3 nursing home folks out of nursing homes?"

    Or to put it another way: In remarks in front of the media, both sides started the same way, with the same bottom line.

    No matter how hard we in the media try, our legislature so far and the Governor, have shown no signs of Wrestlemania rhetoric that has gripped Washington D.C. Monday's tape should be sent to D.C., with a note.

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