Memorial service for David Harris, killed in I-30 wreck

    7:04 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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    David Harris. (Photo: Oak Park Baptist Church website)

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A New Year's Day car accident claimed the life of three; two of those people were a Little Rock preacher and his granddaughter. Family and friends met to remember the two they love and miss so much on Wednesday; song and a proclamation started a celebration of life for a grandfather and his granddaughter.

    Long Time pastor David Harris and 10-year-old Maci died in a car accident New Year's Day.

    "Brother David was a special preacher, he loved to tell jokes, and he loved to have fun, and he loved working with the children," said Tommy Walker, a member of Oak Park Baptist church where Harris preached. "He was our friend, and he wasn't above anything. You could see him out putting up light bulbs or whatever we needed to do. He was there to do that."

    Harris, 64, had been Senior Pastor of Oak Park Baptist Church in Little Rock since 1976.

    Harris also loved his grandchildren, like little Maci. It's her smile that stole many hearts Wednesday.

    "She loved horses, drawing. She loved art, so every time that you saw Maci, she was running around with a lot of energy and had a big smile on her face," explained Walker.

    Her sisters made a video to share their memories. They said dancing and laughing were just a few of her favorite things. Something else Maci did was keep a journal, which the family put it on display.

    A quick excerpt shows you that she was a typical kid. She wrote that she loved the color green, iCarly and Taylor Swift, but it's a later paragraph that brings her family comfort. She wrote, "God is important to me. He is important because I asked Jesus into my heart, so I get to go in Heaven with him."

    Geyer Springs Baptist Church hosted the service. Walker said they moved it there because the Sunday after they lost the Harrises, 300 people came to church when they normally have about a 150.

    This accident is still under investigation. One of the drivers involved was taken into custody, but no one has been charged.

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