Thieves crash SUV into jewelry store

    7:33 AM, Feb 1, 2013   |    comments
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    STOCKTON, CA (CNN/KOVR) -- Jewelry thieves take a smash-and-grab approach to a whole new level. Their weapon of choice: a stolen SUV. The crime was caught on surveillance camera inside a jewelry store in Stockton, California. The thieves weren't exactly jewelry experts.

    Talk about making an entrance! The stolen SUV smashes through the front door, sending glass flying. With the security gate knocked out of the way, the SUV backs up and the burglars make a beeline for the jewelry cases, hacking away with hammers.

    Kay Jewelers customers who watched the surveillance couldn't believe their eyes. One person says, "I'm speechless; to actually catch that on camera is crazy."

    Break-ins are nothing new, but this? Stockton police say they haven't had one quite this brazen in a year or two.

    At the Hallmark next-door, Alex says her manager warned her not to stand near the doors just in case. She says, "That way if something like that does ever happen we'll be out of the way."

    Cops are looking for four suspects. In the video, you catch a glimpse of the red hood and stripes on one of their jackets. Another has a distinctive plaid coat and what could be a matching scarf.

    A source says the smash-n-grab crooks didn't end up with much of a haul. And they may not have known much about jewelry either; they went after the cheapest stuff in the store.

    This is at least the third time in recent years the store has been broken into. It was previously hit in June 2011 and August of last year.

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