Huckabee Wants Legislature To Ban Gay Foster Parenting

    11:26 AM, Jun 30, 2006   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Governor Huckabee said today he hopes legislators will consider reimposing a ban on gay foster parents that was struck down yesterday by the state Supreme Court. "I'm very disappointed that the court seems more interested in what's good for gay couples than what's good for children needing foster care," said Huckabee in a press release. Huckabee's comment came as the Family Council said it would push for the ban when the Legislature meets next year. Yesterday's ruling left open the possibility that legislators could enact a ban by law or possibly give a state board authority to do so. But Rita Sklar, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Arkansas, says the court ruling itself could make legislation difficult to pass. She cited language in the ruling that said there was no connection between homosexuality and a child's well-being. In the unanimous ruling, the court said testimony in the state's appeal showed that the state's ban on gay foster parents was based on bias against homosexuals, not on promoting the health, safety and welfare of foster children.

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