County Holds Car Auction Of Seized Drug Vehicles

    5:43 PM, Jul 18, 2006   |    comments
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    Perry Appling’s Auctions lot may be pretty bare now, but come Thursday afternoon, hundreds of people will pack the place. All for one reason—to place bids on cars like a 1993 Dodge Stealth. "It's shined up, sharp, ready to go," says auctioneer Perry Appling. The Saline County Prosecutors Office will auction off vehicles seized in drug raids and arrests. For you, as the buyer, that could mean big savings or big problems-all vehicles come as is and all sales are final. "No money back. No money back guarantee. They're sold just like your wife or husband. You get what you got," says Appling. What you get may come with some risks. Appling says, "Of course, they may have been sitting in storage for five or six months, have a battery die, or need an oil change or something like that." Thursday morning, you can come out, take a look at the vehicles, and even start them up. However, remember, these cars were seized for a reason. If you don't mind taking a risk, you could come out ahead with a little luck. "If you bid $1,000 on this car and nobody bids higher than that, then you bought it for a $1,000," Appling says, “If you bought it for $50, it’s whoever bids the highest is how it goes." Regardless of what the cars were used for, the prosecutor's office says most of the time they're a good bargain. But there's no guarantee. "They're not risky cars in the sense that there will be anything in them to get you in trouble. You know, they are as in all auction vehicles, they are what you see is what you get," says Saline County Deputy Prosecutor Ken Casady. Saline County will auction off nine cars, a motorcycle and a four-wheeler. The funds will be given to local and county drug enforcement in Saline County. The auction will be held Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at Perry Appling Auctions, located at 22095 I-30 in Bryant. The phone number is (501) 653-3800.

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