Family Talks About Dermott Triple Murder

    9:55 PM, May 13, 2007   |    comments
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    Two children and a 23 year old are gunned down this weekend in a southeast Arkansas home. It happened in the town of Dermott, while the children’s mother slept in the next room. Family members are left to wonder why---this as they spend most of Sunday cleaning up their brother, Steve's home where it all happened. Ten year old Dustin and 13 year old Haley Horn, were killed; along with their 23 year old live-in nanny Amber Hackett. They were all either asleep or just waking up early Saturday morning when police say 41 year old Bo Young used his own key to let himself in--he had a key because years ago he was married to Haley and Dustin's mother, Anna. Beverly Mahfouz, Dustin and Haley’s Aunt says, "Anna and Bo had been married and they didn't have any problems. He’d been over to visit before and no problems, didn't suspect anything. Just obviously was very angry." Family members say Young shot Amber first; she was asleep where young's ex-wife normally slept with her current husband of nearly ten years. Mahfouz says, “I think he set out to kill Stevey and Anna because they used to sleep in that room that he first opened fire. I think those bullets were intended for Ana and Steve." They say young went onto shot Dustin and Haley and then quickly left. Anna and Steve slept in a nearby room. Mahfouz says, "He heard something and 'said what is that pop,' and he heard a gun shot and got up and he and Anna jumped up and Haley was in the kitchen "and she has been shot.” Not only are family members grieving the loss of three loved ones, they are also grieving the loss of a close friend. Family members tell Today’s THV they grew up with the shooter and that Bo Young was considered a life long friend. Mahfouz says, “I think he was angry about a lot of things. I think he was angry about things we didn't know about and Stevey and Anna happened to be on his way to wherever he was going." Unfortunately three young lives end in the middle of it. Young led police on a 3-hour man hunt after the shooting. When police caught up to him they found him dead from a self inflicted gun shot wound. The shooter and the children's mother share a daughter, who was not there at the time.

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