Acxiom Announces Layoffs

    5:23 PM, Sep 12, 2007   |    comments
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    Acxiom hands out pink slips once again. In this round of layoffs, 138 workers in Little Rock are out the door. The company isn't saying too much. Only that Acxiom has not met revenue expectations and it had to cut the budget. Candy Murphy has worked for Acxiom for three years now. During that time she's grown to appreciate the people there. Worker Candy Murphy said, "I'm heartbroken about the layoffs.” She says she’s heartbroken for good reason. Murphy said, "I know of a single person in her 50's who's been here for quite sometime who was layed off and she has no other means of support." Two-hundred and sixty-six Acxiom employees nationwide are now facing tough times, including the 138 workers just laid off in Little Rock. But it's not a complete surprise. Lance Turner with our partners at Arkansas Business said, "This is something this company tends to do when it has a bad quarter." And Acxiom has had two back to back bad quarters. "Acxiom has done pretty significant layoffs in 2001, 2004, and 2005. It's kind of their M-O., and that's how they conducted business unfortunately," said Turner. Turner says more layoffs could lie ahead. Two private equity firms are buying Acxiom. He explains how Acxiom suggested offshoring jobs to potential buyers. "They said we could offshore jobs. They could find cheaper workforces overseas and we can save x-number of dollars over the long haul," said Turner. With periodic layoffs and all the unknowns, Turner speculates morale at Acxiom can't be good. Candy Murphy said, "My hope is that any prospective employers in Little Rock who may be getting applications from my co-workers who've been laid off, will realize we've got some very highly trained, very valuable people on the job market now who were not laid off because of poor job performance." Turner says tech savvy workers are in demand in Arkansas. He believes Arkansas companies will snatch up those Acxiom workers who left on Wednesday. Acxiom is one of the largest processors of consumer data. It collects information on you to sell to other companies such as banks and credit card issuers.

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