Updated: Theft Suspect Identified After Police Shoot & Kill Him

    9:10 PM, Oct 30, 2007   |    comments
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    Little Rock police officers Erik Temple and Josh Black have been placed on administrative leave after they fired shots at three theft suspects early Tuesday morning. Lance Stucker, 30, was killed. Rodney Warren, 22 suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach. Joshua Black, 31, is in jail. (The officer and the suspect both have the same name.) Warren is in stable condition at a local hospital. Black is charged with breaking and entering, theft of property, and manslaughter. Lt. Terry Hastings with Little Rock police says they were working to solve a rash of more than 1,000 car break-ins in the area, so they set up a vehicle off Rodney Parham Road and waited. Officers say the three men then broke in and stole a lap top computer. Police stopped the men at Old Forge Road., and that's when they say the Stucker, attempted to back over them. "It wasn't a case of trying to get a way. They were intentionally trying to hit the officers with their vehicle. That's why the officers fired their weapons," explains Hastings. Stucker wrecked the car at 2103 Gristmill Road, ran and collapsed a short time later. Resident, Bette Yakoubian heard everything happen. She says, "We're all like family here and I was thinking oh my gosh what has happened." Hastings says the two passengers, Warren and Black, ran and hid under a house. The homeowner called police after she heard noises. They arrested them at the house. Police suspect the three men have been involved in hundreds of car-break-ins in the last year. All three are from Saline County and all have a criminal background. This is the second shooting that Officer Josh Black has been involved in. After an investigation, Black was cleared and allowed to return to work.

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